About Me

Hi Ya'll, I'm Jenny!

(Caution: I can be a little long winded...)

Historical Bio

With over 20 years of diverse financial experience, I've assisted multiple industries, from medical offices and grocery distributors to non-profits and tax professionals.  I started my professional journey by inputting my Aunt's Landscaping business receipts, statements, and hand written invoices into the original QuickBooks using dial up AOL.  It's been a while 😀

But even before QuickBooks, I was helping and learning in my parents Mom and Pop Printing Shop.  I didn't go to daycare.  My brother and I had our own "office" in the shop with toys and tv, but my favorite 'toy' was watching my parents work through the ample windows that surrounded our "office".  Through those windows, I saw the world of business.  Everything from customer interactions, to employee relations, to how fast to answer the phone.  As my mom said, "That phone feeds us".  As I watched I learned so much over the 16 years of growing up in the shop.  It wasn't long before I was helping count the cash drawer, prepare customer orders, and assist with business decisions. 

In College, I decided to be an ichtheologist (study fish).  That didn't last long.  But I had to take an Accounting class and that was my GOLDEN TICKET.  I now knew business was my vocation.  I completed my Bachelor's in Business with a double major in Accounting and Management Information Systems.

But as a military spouse re-testing for my CPA as we moved from state to state wasn't feasible.  So I took small office jobs and volunteered (usually as the Treasurer or Bookkeeper).  We only stayed at a base for 3 or so years before picking up and heading to the next one.  And remote jobs weren't exactly a thing, then!  But those small office jobs and volunteering positions allowed me to use my business and accounting acumen to make a difference. 


So the kids are grown and my husband has retired and REMOTE work is the new normal (at least in some industries).

I can finally settle down and build my career.  I found throughout my small office jobs that I had a knack for budgeting, streamlining, and identifying expenses that were causing small businesses to lose profits and often to be in debt when they didn't need to be.   So in 2022, I completed my Master's in Business Administration.

NOW... my business is focused on Business Management Executive services. 

 What is that?  

It's analyzing and looking at the whole business, not just the books, to identify what's working and what could work better - faster - more efficiently.  On my Results page you'll see exactly what I mean.   Bookkeeping is a big part of BME, as without good tracking in your books, Analysis becomes very difficult.  And that Analysis is what makes or breaks many small businesses.  

Afterall large companies have floors of staff running business analysis processes to ensure they are making the most profits they can.  Shouldn't your small business have that same advantage (maybe not for profits, exactly, but for serving our communities and success!)

Alrighty you know a little about me and how we got here...now please peruse my site to see exactly what we can do for Your business. Then email me so your business can be featured as our next success story!