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Client time cut by 88%! 

 We created an order form where the client could get all the order information from each department in the same format using a master order form that would place like items together (still individual lines), next to each other so she could order in bulk.  She could also tell when previous orders were coming in and accurately track what had been received and paid.  Most importantly, She could now find savings and was able to stop paying rush delivery fees or small order fees.  And her order processing time decreased from 4 DAYS to 4 HOURS.  Letting her focus on other priorities of her business.

Tracking orders/data collection

 I had a client who was spending so much time providing the required credit card tracking forms for each of their credit cards purchases. 

After reviewing their current process with them, I developed a worksheet.  The first page provided all the information needed for each cc order and a unique identifier.  The next pages were the required forms.  The worksheet worked by inputting the information, ONLY ONCE, into the first page.  Then the worksheet would populate the remaining forms that the client needed from the information on the first sheet.  All the client had to do was input the info on the first page, then use the unique identifier for the next forms, print and save the forms in their respective folders.  Allowing the client to reduce input errors, provide all required documentation, and cut their processing time significantly.

Inventory Suckage.

 They were losing money, lot's of it, and had no idea why.  Turns out inventory loss was a large component of their misfortune.  We worked together and found that they were losing large chunks of cash with each order.  Plus they were tossing almost half of their monthly inventory due to expiration dates.  We found that by consolidating their inventory orders into a single order form, they saved hundreds on each order simply by buying in large lots and through accurate need projections.  Also, they had been spending $200 PER ORDER to rush delivery on a WEEKLY basis.  The inventory they needed was expensive enough, being medical supplies, adding the rush delivery was simply killing their profit margins.  By implementing my suggestions to compile orders into a single order form, work orders on a weekly and monthly basis, and rearrange the stock room using FIFO.  They saw a huge increase in profits because expenses were drastically reduced.  They were amazed that these inventory changes would make such a large impact on their business success.

Bank called their loan...

 I had just started with this client when the owner came to me and said they needed their financials printed for a bank meeting.   This peaked my curiosity and I asked how he wanted those financials and by when.  The meeting was the next day.  I suggested that I attend the meeting and run the financials on the big screen computer so we could access everything they needed in case the bank wanted items we hadn't previously thought to include.  So day of the meeting, I found out that the client's previous bank had called their loan and they had scrambled to find a new bank that would take them on.  This meeting was to prove to the new bank officials that the client would be able to pay this loan in the near future.  The client's current financials did not paint a pretty picture of success.  In fact, the financials showed almost 2 years of regular monthly losses.  Luckily, the new bank gave them a chance... IF we provided monthly meetings, current financials, and started to show profits SOON!  And we did.  We met with the bank each month.  We provided current financials and rolling budgets.  We restructured their accounts payables.  We restructured their ordering processes.  Within months, they were showing PROFITS.  This client couldn't increase income as their customers paid through insurance at set insurance rates, so expense and process management was their only option for paying back this loan.   Plus, we did NOT cut employee wages.  After 6 months, the bank was thrilled!  And the client was making significant profits month after month.

Vehicle buy/repair?

 Many have this question in their business and each answer is unique.  Only analysis can determine the answer for your business. 

 For one of my clients they had a fleet of 5 cars and 2 large vans.  Two of the cars were older and kept having repair/maintenance issues.  We analyzed their costs for repairs/maintenance over the last 6 month period combined with the cost of rentals to cover repair downtime and found that for this client, we could purchase two new cars for way less than we were spending on repairs.  Excellent use of analysis!

Manpower Analysis

 This client reported to a board.  They needed to identify and justify adding new positions and increasing pay for current employees.

We developed a data gathering tool to help determine the current demand in the office per personnel and per work type.  As you can imagine, the employees were not thrilled at the idea of more crap to fill out in their already busy days.  But we worked with the employees to get their suggestions and buy-in and ultimately found a data gathering tool that worked for everyone and provided the information we needed.  Once the data was collected, I analyzed it and developed metrics showing the work being completed, the work outstanding, and how the new positions would benefit the board in the future.  I placed all of my findings in a PowerPoint presentation with graphs and pictures to help convey they message.

The client has reported that they have added 4 new positions and increase current employee wages based on this analysis. 

7-year Book Re-creations

 Have worked with multiple clients who for one reason or another have never had their books prepared.  Most of these books were re-created from bank statements and receipts.  But as each of these clients found out.  Eventually taxes are due and the IRS can be mean about it.   However, it is possible to re-create these financials and provide the needed bookkeeping for your CPA to prepare your back taxes and bring you current.  Once your books are current, you now have business data that can support business decisions and help you run your business to new and greater heights.  Plus the bookkeeper can continue using the recreation file to provide continuity of your future accounting records.  Winning!

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